Stallings Insurance was the best surprise that ever fell into my lap. I wasn't even thinking about changing my insurance or looking into how much money I could save when a friend recommended their services. Chris looked over my policies and cut down my payment for home coverage by half, added automotive coverage *and* followed up after everything was said and done to make sure that I not only got all of my information, but that I understood my policies. I can't say enough good things about him or his company. Top notch, highly recommended and very affordable. I really feel like I've got someone looking out for me. Rarely do I see that in any business, much less in insurance.
Derek Konofalski

When I initially spoke with Chris, he reviewed my insurance with me. I found out that the insurance I had before Stallings Insurance helped me was not sufficient for my needs, in fact, it was terrible coverage. Chris was very patient and helpful with me. He placed me on a a new policy that had five times the coverage of my previous policy for less than the price I was paying!!! Much appreciated Chris!
James Dornan

Stallings Insurance was exceptionally helpful. I had very personalized service, which is nice in a saturated market. I didn't feel like just a number. I was also able to save almost $1000 by changing both my home and auto insurance to Stallings Insurance. I have recommended many of my friends and family members as I know they would be pleased, and having been previously in the industry, I know how hard it is to come by someone so professional and helpful.
Shar Banerjee

I wanted to express my gratitude for the exceptional service I received from Chris Stallings. I did not think that my insurance rates could get lower than those I had with State Farm because of my multiple discounts, but Chris was able to save hundreds of dollars from my already low payments. Most important, however, Chris made my feel as if I was truly his most important customer. That is how you earn a customer for life. Thank you.
Geoff Bilas

My agent, Christopher Stallings, saved me a ton of money on my auto and condo insurance. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. He is able to write insurance for several different companies. I would recommend him to anyone.
Jason Bordy

Before I met Mr. Stallings I was with a company many years under my parents and paying too much. Mr. Stallings was able to bump up my coverage substantially and save me about $400 a year. Since then, I have referred many of my friends that are overpaying for his service.I also really like that he is there when I need him, even in the wee small hours of the morning. Mr. Stallings will continue to be my insurance agent for life. Soon, he will also be my fiancé's too when we tie the knot.
Ben Christensen

Changing my insurance was painless and took little effort on my part. I was previously with Progressive and was able to save several hundred dollars on my car insurance by not by switching to Geico. Mr. Stallings found the best company for my needs and at the best price. It was a pleasure working with Mr. Stallings and I regularly recommend his services to my friends and family.
Matthew Gold